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Should You Buy a New-Build Property in East Yorksh

In this two-minute read, we look at the advantages of buying a new-build home in East Yorkshire

When you visit a show home, it’s easy to imagine yourself sitting at the beautifully laid table, sinking back into the comfy sofa or settling in for a night’s sleep in a luxury bedroom. Every room has been set up to tempt you. But is a new-build home really the right choice for you and your budget?

We’ve explored some of the plus points of a new-build property.

  1. Shiny and new
The main advantage of a new-build is exactly that: its newness. Breathe in that fresh paint, smell and enjoy the soft fluffy carpets. Everything is pristine, there’s no 1970s wallpaper to contend with and you don’t have to make endless rounds of tea for builders (milk, two sugars, and don’t forget the digestives).

  1. Make your mark
Depending on what stage of the build you buy at, most developers offer the choice of fixtures and fittings as part of the purchase price. So, you can choose your kitchen or bathroom tiles without the hassle of spending every foreseeable weekend shopping for furniture.

  1. Warranty
New homes are covered by a 10-year warranty (as per NHBC regulations), so you’re also buying peace of mind. The warranty should protect you against any structural issues, but always read the small print so you know exactly what’s covered.

All appliances will be newly installed and will have their own guarantees, too.

  1. Built to meet all current safety standards
Developers must incorporate safety measures such as smoke alarms, fire resistant materials and circuit breakers, making life easier when you move in.

  1. Chain free
The two words every buyer loves to hear! With no other parties to contend with, the buying process should be easier to navigate. Also, once you’ve reserved your new-build, it will be taken off the market.

Also, developers often include various incentives when buying a new home such as offering to pay your stamp duty or legal costs.

  1. Energy efficient
Build techniques have been developed to keep new properties warmer for longer with things like cavity and loft insulation – making them cheaper to heat and reducing your future bills. They should also be damp resistant, double glazed, and draught proof, keeping you cosy in those winter months.

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