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No need for stress on Christmas day - get prepared with these simple tips.

When it comes to Christmas dinner it can seem like an absolute marathon to prepare and get ready for. All this depends on how many people you are cooking for, but the number of different dishes and side dishes that we seem to add to the big day means that even a small group can be onerous. Let our handy tips see you through dinner with ease.

Keep it Simple (KISS)

Whilst it can be tempting to go completely over the top on Christmas Day, the simpler you keep the menu the better. You want to be able to enjoy the day as well. If you are serving a large breakfast, then it may be that you want to skip out on the starter at lunch as most people will be too full to eat everything. Whatever you are going to cook then you should have a plan. Make sure that you have every meal for the day planned out in advance not just the big one.

Detail is key!

If you are inviting guests and family members on the big day, the kitchen space tends to be a high-traffic holiday space where everyone gathers before the big meal. Therefore it is important to give it the decorative attention it deserves. Make sure you kitchen is clean and filled with seasonal lights and ornaments; you don’t have to overdo it like a Christmas tree, but by adding some fairy lights across your breakfast bar and cupboards will bring the festive spirit into your kitchen.

Shop Early

Create your shopping list, of absolutely everything that you will need for the day. Make sure to check your cupboards and spice racks so that you don’t double up on something. Divide the list into perishable items and non-perishable items. Go shopping for all your non-perishable items well in advance of the big day. This includes things like alcohol, spices, snacks and anything that isn’t going to expire before Christmas. Make sure you put these things aside so that you don’t use them ahead of time. If you dip into the supplies make sure you replace it soonest.

Prepare Ahead

A couple of days before Christmas Day make sure you clear out the fridge and freezer, if there is anything that you can cook and freeze, then do this beforehand to save you some time. When it comes to Christmas Eve this is the time to get a load of the prep done all ready. Your vegetables can be prepared ahead of time and kept fresh for the following day. You can also prepare any salads ahead of time; you can even season your turkey a day before too!

Table Décor

Choosing which decorative elements to place on your table is just as important as decorating your kitchen. Some like to stick to the festive colour such as red, silver and green, some like to decorate the table in clean cut colours white, gold, beige tones. It is important to not overload the Christmas table with décor since you will need space to serve the different dishes. As well as this practical reason, it is important to leave empty spaces so that the table and the diners “breathe” and can enjoy the meal in a relaxed way.