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How to handle selling a property when there is a r

Selling a property and going through a separation make the top three on the list of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, and sadly, these two things often go hand in hand. If this is you, read this article for guidance on handling this process.

Three of the most stressful situations that a person can go through is a bereavement, a relationship breakdown and selling your home. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing a relationship breakdown, you will often have to sell a home at the same time. Two out of three could be very bad!

Separation is never easy, but after deciding to end a relationship, a property often needs to be disposed of. If you rent the property, notice must be served, and you must continue to pay the rent, but this is relatively simple. If you own your home, though, it can be lengthy and create an additional stressful hurdle to overcome.

Many decisions need to be made. Who, if anyone, will keep the property? Would you prefer to buy your partner out of the property and stay there? Are you able to finance this? Or will you have to sell the property?

What do you need to consider?

Value: The property value may help you to make the decision. Is the value high enough to pay off the mortgage? You can call us to arrange a property valuation, even if you are in the early stages. It is okay if you are not necessarily planning to sell straight away, but if you would instead opt for an online valuation to give you an idea of the price without committing to an in-person appointment just yet, select the instant valuation tab on our website.

Finance: Taking on the cost of your property on your own will likely be a significant change to your finances, so double-check whether it will be affordable for you. Speak to an independent financial advisor to see if you can take on the property. It could be too much of a stretch for you, and you will be left with no choice but to sell the property, but it is best to be sensible and check this out properly before you commit so that you are not left strapped for cash.

Get the right advice: Everyone you have spoken to likely has an opinion, and it can be challenging to determine what to do for the best. You need impartial, helpful advice on how best to approach the sale of your property, and this will be found in an exceptional estate agent. They will be able to present all options available to you clearly so that you can make an informed decision.

Staying in the family home could be tricky. It may be simpler for you to sell up and move on to new pastures. Could you buy a smaller and cheaper property? Or consider moving into a rented property to buy yourself some time.

Whatever you decide to do for the best, the most crucial advice is to try and stay civil. Whilst we appreciate that keeping the peace is not always easy and communication with an ex-partner could be tense, it is best to try and remain civil. Tensions can rise when you try to sell a property after a relationship breakdown. Still, if there is bad blood and argumentative behaviour, the one sure thing is it will cost you both money in the long run, and no one really wins!

If you are going through a separation and need some advice about the best thing to do with your property, contact our property experts today for free, impartial guidance on how to move forward for both parties.