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Do you need an estate agent to sell your home?

If you feel like now is the time to make your next move, it's important that you sell in the right way to get the best results. The first question you should ask is – do I even need an estate agent to sell my home?

Selling a property can be an emotional roller coaster, and it’s sometimes hard to know which route to take. How much help do you need, and what sort of support would that involve? 99% of property sales are completed with sellers using estate agents, but there is that 1% that go it alone. Read on to find out the main differences between using an estate agent, or going the DIY route…
Selling your home without an agent
A more daring route to go down is to sell your home alone, without the need for an agent. This is possible to do, with a lot of time and effort. Doing it this way, you could:
• Save on fees​
Estate agents usually charge more on commission than it costs for you to register with an online listing website. However, bear in mind that these online sites often offer additional services too, which could increase your costs.
• Pick the services that you need
These are typically services that an estate agent may provide, ranging from photographing the property to liaising with conveyancers. Using a sell-it-yourself website could give you the flexibility to choose which services you want to pay for.
Selling your home with an agent
Signing up with an estate agent is perhaps the more traditional route. They can usually help you with the following:
• Preparations for the sale
For example, measuring the rooms to create floor plans, arranging for professional photography and video tours, and writing eye-catching descriptions to attract interest from potential buyers. The best ones will even advise you on small jobs you could do to increase the saleability of your home, and therefore, bring you more profit. As estate agents have sold so many homes before, they’ll know what your buyers are looking for, and can highlight areas or suggest changes where needed. You’ll also legally need an EPC on your home before it can be listed, which a good agent should be able to offer you in house – getting your home on the market quicker.
• Market research and pricing​
Local agents are likely to have existing knowledge of your neighbourhood and the every-changing Hull housing market. This includes knowledge of price levels for your type of property and the surrounding streets. They can use this knowledge to recommend a realistic selling price, which can really affect the level of interest your property attracts.
Local estate agents also have the added benefit of better coverage for your marketing, reaching the right people across the country and beyond. This, combined with the experience of knowing what marketing can work for your home can actuallymean the difference of tens of thousands of pounds in a final sale price.
• Marketing and sales​
An estate agent will list the property for you, and could already have a list of potential buyers that they’ve been in contact with. They’ll vet these prospective purchasers so that you only deal with the ones who are serious about buying your property.
Estate agents also typically have the relevant skills for negotiating counter-offers on your behalf, and these negotiation skills will land you a higher sales price. The marketing experience coupled with the negotiating skills means a double whammy for the profit you’ll make from the sale.
• The headache ​
Selling a home is fraught with stress for many, and using a good local agent is a great way to take much of that off your plate. If you work or look after a family and are busy in your day-to-day life, can you fit in the time to liaise with every enquiry/manage viewings/market your home/check online listings, and much more? The convenience of having it all taken care of is worth its weight in gold to some.
• The survey
Most buyers will carry out a survey of the property. It is common that surveys can initially create another hurdle for the owner to overcome, and expert advice plus careful communication can be the difference between the buyer following through with the sale or pulling out if an issue is raised.
• The sales process ​
When the offer is agreed it's easy to think the hard work has been done. In order to keep all parties focused it's important to keep regular and knowledgeable communication flowing. The sales process can take months, and with an agent to oversee everything, you’ll know it’s less likely to fall through and end in disappointment. A great agent will even offer an online tracking service, so you can always see where you are in the process.
Selling your property could mean you find the home of your dreams, and settle in to the perfect life. We love to focus on people, not just property, so if you want to chat about your move, even if we’ve just sparked your curiosity, get in touch. Our team are always listening and happy to help.