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The Social Distancing Valuation on your Home from

There have been quite a few of you asking about valuations on your homes...We are still able to carry out face-to-face valuations following strict social distancing guidelines, however there is another option...

We are pleased to announce that we can carry out Social Distancing Valuations. This option will provide you with a valuation in a fraction of the time, while taking all of the below factors in to consideration including:

- Overall Presentation
- Extensions
- Added touches
- Improvements
- The local property market
- Researched comparable evidence

Why donโ€™t you put all this free time to good use and get yourselves ready for when this all blows over with a Hassle Free valuation all whilst keeping yourself and your families safe.

All you have to do is click the link below to fill in your details, upload your pictures and let us do the rest.

Click Here

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